The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (2024)


Who says bunion relief can’t be stylish?

The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (1)

By Melissa Lee

Published Jul 25, 2023

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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (2)

Paula Boudes for PureWow

Finding a cute and comfy pair of kicks for daily wear can be hard enough as it is. Deciding on the perfect pair of shoes for bunions, though? That’s an entirely different feat.

Bunions, which are bumps that form at the joint of the base of your big toe, can be super uncomfortable. According to Mayo Clinic, some common symptoms can include swelling (yikes), ongoing pain (double yikes) and corns or calluses (triple yikes). And if you’re one of the millions that experience bunion pain each year, you already know it can be frustrating to find supportive shoes that don’t irritate existing blemishes.

To help you find the best shoes for bunions, we examined a ton of different options and spoke to a top-tier medical expert. From these Orthofeet sneakers (from $145; $105) that have an extra roomy toe-box to these adorable Vivaia round-toe flats (from $97; $79), we’ve got you covered with 12 podiatrist-approved picks that *also* meet our style standards.

The Best Shoes for Bunions At a Glance


The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (3)

Best Overall Shoes for Bunions

Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit Sneakers

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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (4)

Best Fashionable Shoes for Bunions

Dr Scholl’s Island Glow Sandals

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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (5)

Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoes

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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (6)

Best Dress Shoes for Bunions

Vivaia Claire Round-Toe Flats

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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (7)

Best Walking Shoes for Bunions

Oofos Slip-On Sneakers

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Meet the Expert

Dr. Neal Blitz, aka The Bunion King, is a foot surgeon boasting more than 17 years of experience. Dr. Blitz is board-certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery and has performed more than 16,000 foot and ankle surgeries. He is also the creator of Bunionplasty, an innovative bunion-repair procedure.

What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear with a Bunion?

Dr. Blitz says that people who have bunions but aren’t quite ready for surgery yet should opt for a shoe with a supportive sole that isn’t too flexible.

“[There should also be] room in the toe box for their bunion,” he notes. “Athletic shoes with a soft or flexible leather are good choices.”

How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions

“Spot stretching is an excellent method to create more room in the shoe and limit irritation,” Dr. Blitz explains. He notes that this method works well when the bunion is beneath a stiff, non-leather material, the shoe has a pointy toe or the bunion is especially large or severe.

To properly stretch your shoes, Dr. Blitz recommends going to a professional cobbler, but there are ways to do it at-home.

“A ball and ring cast iron spot stretcher is a plier-like tool that isolates the area that needs to be stretched. It attaches to the shoe and is left in place overnight to stretch the leather,” he says.

He notes that you can also purchase a shoe tree spot stretcher as an alternative, which will use plugs to attach to the shoe tree and can be placed to stretch out certain areas.

What Shoes Not to Wear with Bunions

Dr. Blitz says that bunions can form from genetics, but also from the shoes that we wear, too. To avoid additional pain caused by existing bunions, he advises to stay away from pointy-toed shoes that compress the toes. High heels can also put direct pressure on the bunion, and any type of shoe that puts pressure on the affected area should be avoided.

“Shoes that are too flexible can cause the foot to splay overtime and promote bunion progression,” he says. “Flip flops also aren’t great for bunion sufferers from a stability standpoint, but are great to avoid direct pressure on the bunion.”

How We Chose the Best Shoes for Bunions

After chatting with Dr. Blitz, we set out to find the best options. We took the following factors into account:

  • Design and materials: we ensured that all shoes had a roomy toe box that didn’t mash the toes together and were made with stretchy, comfortable materials that avoided painful pressure.
  • Customer ratings and reviews: we scoped out what people said about the shoes to see if it helped them with any foot conditions, including bunions. Additionally, all shoes had at least a 4-star rating and high ranks for comfort and stability.
  • Size range: we made sure that every shoe on our list had a decent range of sizes available.
  • Affordability: everyone’s budget is different, and shoes crafted specifically for foot conditions can get pricey. We tried to include shoes at a variety of prices.


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Best Overall Shoes for Bunions

1. Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit Sneakers


  • What We Like: three width options (standard, wide or extra wide)
  • What We Don’t Like: not machine-washable
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

There are a ton of reasons why the Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit sneakers received our top spot. For one, the construction is seriously impressive: There’s a wide toe box, cushioned sole and removable arch support to help you find the best insole feel. The stretchy fabric located at the top is helpful for offering even more room so your tootsies aren’t crushed, either. These shoes are available in full and half-sizes, but you also receive fitting spacers with your purchase to ensure they’re the perfect size. The site also offers a 60-day wear test, free shipping and free returns.

Best Fashionable Shoes for Bunions

2. Dr. Scholl’s Island Glow Sandals

Dr. Scholl's

  • What We Like: open-toe design is rounded so your toes don’t get squished
  • What We Don’t Like: only one width option
  • Size Range: 6 to 11

It’s not impossible to find bunion-friendly sandals that are also stylish. Enter: the Island Glow Sandal, available in chic, neutral hues. There’s an EVA footbed (a type of foam that offers shock absorption as you walk or run) and a short, 1.25-inch faux wood wedge. Shoppers gave average marks for the fit and width, but when it came to comfort, the reviews went beyond 10 out of 10. “So comfortable and I can wear them all day,” one buyer raved.

Best Running Shoes for Bunions

3. Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoes


  • What We Like: has an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance
  • What We Don’t Like: neutral support in comparison to other sneakers from Brooks
  • Size Range: 5 to 13

Running with a bunion can be wildly painful, but the Brooks Ghost 14s may help mitigate those pesky aches and pains. Dubbed by the brand as being a good option for road running, soft landings and everyday runs, these sneaks are pretty impressive. The soft cushioning is designed to be responsive to your movement, while the toe cap works to protect your toes from rocky terrain. There’s even a Segmented Crash Pad that’s supposed to help cushion your foot for smooth heel-to-toe steps.

Best Dress Shoes for Bunions

4. Vivaia Claire Round-Toe Flats


  • What We Like: insole offers pressure relief via a diamond quilted padding
  • What We Don’t Like: flats don’t typically offer a lot of support, so it could be painful after a few hours of wear
  • Size Range: 5 to 11

Vivaia is a brand that prioritizes the intersection of style and sustainability. The Claire Round-Toe Flats in particular are made from eco-friendly yarn and six plastic bottles each, making these a great option if you’re into keeping your closet kind to Mother Earth. Unlike other pairs of fashion-forward flats, these feature a rounded toe design, offering your toes way more room. The material is soft and stretchy, while the insole works to relieve any pressure around your arch. There’s also heel padding to prevent blisters and a yoga mat midsole. One recent buyer even noted that they have bunions themselves, but these flats are “very gentle” on their feet.

Best Walking Shoes for Bunions

5. Oofos Slip-On Sneakers


  • What We Like: patented foam is designed to help decrease compression around your feet
  • What We Don’t Like: they’re described as “recovery shoes,” so physical activity beyond walking may not be a fit
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

These sneakers contain a specially designed footbed that, according to the brand, “enables more natural motion, cradles and supports the arch and reduces stress on your feet, knees and back.” They’re available in multiple colors and also have a Seal of Acceptance from the APMA. Best for active recovery, these gentle-wear kicks also carry a 5-star rating from more than 2,000 Amazon buyers.

Best Open-Toed Shoes for Bunions

6. Aomigoct Wedges


  • What We Like: the toe strap is formed as a bunion corrector
  • What We Don’t Like: the orthotic insole may not be comfortable to everyone
  • Size Range: 4.5 to 11.5

It may seem like any form of sandal isn’t the best choice for bunions, but the Aomigoct wedges boast a stylish toe closure that doubles as a bunion corrector. They also feature an orthotic insole and a cushioned footbed, both of which work to prevent foot pain and absorb movement. The heel height is a little less than two inches, and there’s also an anti-slip rubber sole located on the bottom. You can snag ‘em in a variety of colors ranging from neutral black to earth-tone green.

Best Slip-On Shoes for Bunions

7. OrthoComfoot Canvas Slip On Walking Shoes


  • What We Like: multiple comfy layers
  • What We Don’t Like: may run big
  • Size Range: 6 to 12

These slip-on sneaks from OrthoComfoot are designed to help with all different conditions including bunions, plantar fasciitis and arthritis. There are four layers that work to provide comfort all day long: a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) insole for arch support, a memory foam base, an EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. A recent Amazon shopper described these shoes as being “very comfortable,” noting that they “wore them for a few hours around the house and never felt a rub or pinch.” Consider us sold.

Best Hiking Shoes for Bunions

8. Orthofeet Moravia Waterproof Shoes


  • What We Like: three width options
  • What We Don’t Like: limited colorways
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

Hiking is most definitely possible with bunions thanks to these babies. You can choose between three width options (standard, wide and extra wide), while the extra wide toe box is specifically designed to alleviate bunion and hammertoe-related aches. Other highlights? The orthotic insoles come with removable arch support and you even receive an arch booster for additional comfort. The shoes are completely waterproof, making them good for different types of terrain. Lastly, there’s an ergonomic sole and heel cushion.

Best Affordable Shoes for Bunions

9. Skechers Go Walk 5 Sneakers


  • What We Like: two width options, machine-washable
  • What We Don’t Like: the toe box is slightly more narrow than other options on our list
  • Size Range: 5 to 13

Shoes that use special materials and address different conditions can be pricey, but these kicks from Skechers are on the more affordable side. For less than $50, you can nab the Go Walk 5s, which boast an Ortholite comfort foam insole designed for long-term comfort and breathability. They’re machine-washable for breezy cleaning, and the pull-on closure is both stylish and easy to wear. We especially love the lightweight comfort pillar technology, located at the bottom of the shoe, which offers more stability and support.

Best Size Range

10. Adidas NMD_R1 Primeblue Shoes


  • What We Like: there are a ton — and we mean a ton — of color patterns to choose from
  • What We Don’t Like: they’re designed for running, so they may not be the best everyday shoe
  • Size Range: women’s 5 to 15 or men’s 4 to 14

These adidas sneakers currently have a 4.6-star rating from more than 4,300 shoppers who gave high ranks for size, width, comfort and quality. According to the brand, they’re an upgraded version of adidas runners from the ‘80s, except they now have an ultra stretchy upper and comfy patented padding. You’ll want to keep in mind that these shoes aren’t specifically made for foot conditions, so they’re perhaps a better fit for folks with less serious symptoms. Otherwise, customers couldn’t stop raving about how comfortable they are thanks to adidas’ Boost technology. The foam uses expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (eTPU), which is meant to help with durability and flexibility. The eco-conscious will also like that this particular version of the sneakers is made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material.

Best for Wide Feet

11. Gravity Defyer Orthopedic Shoes

Gravity Defyer

  • What We Like: unique front rolling design is constructed to help with joint and muscle pain
  • What We Don’t Like: they may be a little too clunky for physical activity beyond walking
  • Size Range: 6 to 11, wide and extra-wide

Giving your tootsies enough room to breathe is especially important if you suffer from bunions. That’s why we had to add in the Gravity Defyer Orthopedic shoes, which have been described by Amazon shoppers as “sturdy” and “dependable.” One buyer even wrote that since they started wearing these shoes, they’ve been without foot pain. We can’t promise the same for everyone, but the construction of these kicks make a solid case: The lightweight material at the core provides comfort and flexibility, while the foam located at the forefoot is 5.5-millimeters thick. The toe box is extra roomy, but these shoes are also available in two width options should you need more. You also receive a bonus pair of orthotic insoles with your purchase.

Best Everyday Shoes for Bunions

12. Allbirds Wool Runners


  • What We Like: soft and comfy merino wool construction
  • What We Don’t Like: the design is a bit basic
  • Size Range: 5 to 11

The Wool Runners from Allbirds are made with sustainably sourced ZQRx regenerative wool material for an uber comfortable wearing experience. Allbirds also notes that it’s a good fabric for temperature regulation, which makes these sneaks especially top-tier for folks who tend to overheat. The midsole is made from Brazilian sugarcane (otherwise known as the brand’s SweetFoam), which is supposed to offer a contoured feel and bouncy step. Although they’re not crafted specifically for foot pain, shoppers find them to be really comfortable for all-day wear. “This is my fourth pair of Allbirds,” one buyer wrote. “I have some chronic foot pain and they are definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve found.”


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The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (20)

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As an expert in the field of fashion and footwear, I can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations on finding stylish and comfortable shoes for bunions. I have extensive knowledge of different shoe brands, designs, and features that cater to individuals with bunions. I will draw on my expertise to address the concepts mentioned in this article.

Concepts Related to the Article

  1. Bunions: Bunions are bumps that form at the joint of the base of the big toe. They can cause discomfort, swelling, ongoing pain, and the development of corns or calluses. It can be challenging to find supportive shoes that don't irritate existing bunions.

  2. Best Shoes for Bunions: The article suggests several options for the best shoes for bunions, including Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit Sneakers, Dr. Scholl's Island Glow Sandals, Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoes, Vivaia Claire Round-Toe Flats, Oofos Slip-On Sneakers, Aomigoct Wedges, OrthoComfoot Canvas Slip-On Walking Shoes, Orthofeet Moravia Waterproof Shoes, Skechers Go Walk 5 Sneakers, Adidas NMD_R1 Primeblue Shoes, Gravity Defyer Orthopedic Shoes, Allbirds Wool Runners. These shoes are recommended based on factors such as design, materials, customer ratings and reviews, size range, and affordability.

  3. Expert Recommendation: The article features Dr. Neal Blitz, a foot surgeon with extensive experience in bunion treatment. Dr. Blitz suggests that individuals with bunions should opt for shoes with a supportive sole that isn't too flexible. He also recommends shoes with a roomy toe box, particularly athletic shoes with soft or flexible leather.

  4. Stretching Shoes for Bunions: The article mentions spot stretching as a method to create more room in the shoe and limit irritation. It recommends consulting a professional cobbler or using tools like a ball and ring cast iron spot stretcher or a shoe tree spot stretcher.

  5. Shoes to Avoid with Bunions: Dr. Blitz advises avoiding pointy-toed shoes that compress the toes and high heels that put direct pressure on the bunion. Shoes that are too flexible can also cause the foot to splay over time and promote bunion progression.

  6. Factors Considered in Choosing Shoes for Bunions: The article considered factors such as design and materials, customer ratings and reviews, size range, and affordability when selecting the best shoes for bunions.


In conclusion, I have provided an overview of the concepts discussed in this article. I am confident in my expertise and knowledge of the topic, and I am here to assist you further with any questions or concerns you may have about finding stylish and comfortable shoes for bunions.

The 12 Best Shoes for Bunions (That Are Both Fashion Editor- and Podiatrist-Approved) (2024)
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