Taneth Gimenez Husband, Boyfriend, Age, and Bio (2024)

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Taneth Gimenez is famous as a fitness instructor and model. She is also a nutritionist and Forzagen-sponsored athlete. She has been inspiring millions with her athletic wear and her different workout exercise lessons.

Gimenez is also one of the emerging Hispanic models based in America. People note her for her shape and dedication to training and her advice on a healthy diet.

Read how she grew out to be one of the most sought-after faces from South America. How she became famous in America; is she an American by birth or is there an immigration story involved? Also find out if she has a husband, boyfriend, or children.

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Profile Summary of Taneth Gimenez

Date of Birth8th May 1992
Zodiac SignTaurus
HusbandJesus Montero
ParentsJanete (Mother)
Net Worth$1 Million

Taneth Gimenez Is Venezuelan By Birth; Her Parents and Age

Taneth was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on May 8, 1992. Gimenez says her first name is a little modification of her mother’s whose name is Janete. Taneth has a little bit of “ch” at the end in pronunciation.

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Also, her real name is Nerymar Janeth (Taneth is her work/modeling name).

Taneth Gimenez Immigrated To The US With Less Than $30

Gimenez says she immigrated to the US with only $20 and a suitcase.

“When I decided to migrate here, I did it alone with my two children, $20 in my pocket, a suitcase full of dreams and so much faith that it did not fit in my body. God has been the creator of everything. He opened doors for me where I didn’t even know they existed,…..”

said the Venezuelan in an interview. Taneth says she desired to be fit as soon as she had her first child. In fact, six months after having her second child, in August 2016, Gimenez participated in a bikini body competition, the Muscle Beach Championship, and finished third. She additionally won two categories of this contest.

Taneth, however, began her modeling career by working for prepared car events and tuning shows. She was also on the cover of an exotic car magazine called Hot Mechanics (the Dec 2012 issue).

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She now has her own marketing and advertising company. Sources report Gimenez is also about to join the real estate industry.

Meanwhile, Gimenez models for brands including Better Bodies, MTS Mulatos, and Fitness Plaza. She, however, is the primary ambassador for Forzagen.

Taneth is also an elite athlete for the Dragon Pharma brand and the image of others like AT&T.

Gimenez Is The Ex-Wife Of A Former MLB Player

Gimenez was married to a fellow Venezuelan and former Yankees and Seattle Mariners baseball player, Jesus Montero. Taneth’s former husband, Montero also used to travel a lot.

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Janeth met Montero during a trip to the beaches of Morrocoy. They married rather quickly with a wedding taking place in Barquisimeto. It is reported that Gimenez had already become pregnant before the wedding.

It is unclear when Taneth and Montero married and when did they divorce. Their separation, however, had something to do with Jesus’ steroid use.

Taneth Gimenez Has Two Kids With Her Former Husband

Taneth is also the mother to two more children, Loren and Jesus from her past relationship with Jesus Montero. When she had Loren, Gimenez was 21 years old, and 23 when she had Jesus.

After the divorce, Montero took custody of her children and raised them all alone.

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Both of her children are on the autism spectrum. Speaking of her children once, Gimenez said her children were her greatest inspiration. She believes she is responsible for protecting their future because of their spectrum.

Gimenez currently lives in Miami Beach, Florida.

Gimenez Instagram

Through her Instagram, Taneth Gimenez also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Gimenez’s Ig furthermore says she is the ambassador of Fashion Nova, a fast fashion retail company, and Bangenergy Elite.

In May of 2016, she started posting fitness content on her Instagram account. As an influencer, she endorses a number of fitness brands such as Better Bodies, MTS Mulatos, and Fitness Plaza. Additionally, she is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Taneth GimenezBoyfriend?

Although Taneth Gimenez is a mother of two children, she currently seems to have no husband or boyfriend, or significant other.

Also while Gimenez’s Instagram and Facebook are quite expressive, they refrain from giving the answers to who her current love interest might be. As far as her social media posts go, Taneth is all about staging her toned physique and her love for her children.

For the time being, it might be safe to say Taneth prioritizes her kids and her career more than the relationship aspect of life.

But then again, it could be sooner than expected that she is seen with a boyfriend or a partner as Gimenez is only getting more and more popular.

Taneth Gimenez Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Gimenez glows with fame on her Instagram, where she flaunts her luxurious lifestyle to the world. Her Ig says she is a famous face and quite a well-off celebrity regarding finances. She very much could be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions from numerous brand promotions and endorsem*nt deals she does on her socials.

While her financial success is undeniable, the exact figure of her net worth remains a mystery. Could she be a millionaire? Her Instagram paints the picture of wealth and opulence, but the true extent of her riches remains hidden.

Body Measurement

Height5ft 5in
Body Measurement34-23-34
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Source: Celebsuburb.com

Taneth Gimenez Husband, Boyfriend, Age, and Bio (2024)
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