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For the highest quality, we have our premium fabrics. Here you will only find the best of the best.


Limited Edition

Some fabrics and materials are so unique we only sell them for a limited amount of time.


Easy care

Our Easy Care shirts require less ironing than a regular shirt.


Wrinkle free

These shirts require almost no extra care; they come out close to wrinkle-free directly from the washing machine.



Independent certificate that guarantees, first, that the components of a product are not harmful to health, and secondly, that the processes of elaboration of the same are respectful with the environment.


Vitale Barberis

Vitale Barberis Canonico is a fabric mill in northern Italy since 1663, with an outstanding reputation in the tailor/garment industry. The mill produces fabrics that are renowned for their outstanding quality and designs.



You will only see the well-recognized Woolmark logo in the textile industry on fabric which is made from 100% pure new wool.



2 ply fabrics have higher durability than single-ply fabrics. A 2ply fabric means that 2 yarns are twisted into 1 single thread. This gives you double the comfort, double the durability, and double the quality.


Extra thick

Choose this fabric if you are searching for a thicker fabric to be extra comfortable during the colder winter days.







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Men / Suits / Two Piece / Two Button / Blue

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Tailored Suits

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At Hockerty you can personalize every detail of your suit, or you can just buy it as you see it here:

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all sizes - made to measure @

All our garments are made to your exact measurements. So you don’t need to worry about choosing the right size. After adding a product to your cart, we will ask for your exact measurements. It is a really simple process. More info.

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About this garment @

A will fit you like a glove. Remember that Hockerty Suits are made to measure. Get measured at home and we will tailor a personalized Navy Blue Suit from scratch

The notch lapel is the safe choice for lapels, classic but stylish. Our artisans are ready to cut the Technical fabric needed to start tailoring your suit with all the style choices you made: Single-breasted jacket, standard lapel and 2 pockets among others.

At Hockerty every single suit is made to measure, so you can customise this design or you can create your own here: Custom Suits.

Leedford is a very good Technical suit fabric that will boost your confidence. It weights 320 gr/m2 which makes this basic fabric a really comfortable choice also for autum

  • Colour: Blue
  • Fabric: Leedford
  • Type of Fabric: Technical
  • Season: Year round

Fabric detail & care @

Navy Blue stretch Suit (7)




78% Terylene 18% Rayon 4% Spandex

Basic, 300gr/m2, Year round, Navy Blue

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Our wool fabrics are the standard choice for a mens suit. Nothing can go wrong when choosing a tailored wool suit. Most of them can be used all year long, and your blue suit will be perfect for any occasion, from business to casual and also weddings.

perfect fit, guaranteed @

At Hockerty, we know the importance of a perfect fit which is why all our garments are hand-made under strict quality control. Even on rare occasions that your product may not have the right fit, we have created our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Know more.

how to get measured @

Take your measurements wherever you are. You don\'t need a tailor, you just need a friend. Check out our introductory video.

Navy Blue stretch Suit (8)

What makes it so special


Notch Lapel

It is the standard lapel when you think about a jacket. The bottom and top of the collar make a 75-90 degree angle


2 Buttons

The classic option. If you don't know why we talk about buttons, choose this one. Last button always undone! please!

Navy Blue stretch Suit (9)






Customised Lining

Customised lining Porlens fabric.

Navy Blue stretch Suit (10)


Double-welted pocket with button

The classic choice. If you are searching for standard trousers this is your option

Our Suit Collections

Twill Pure wool 100s Blue 100% wool wide lapel Suit £499
Royal Blue Wool Blends 120s Royal Blue Essential Suit £395
Pure Cotton Seersucker Lightweight Light Blue Seersucker Suit £255
Navy Blue Wool Blends 100s Navy Blue Men's Suit £229

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Navy Blue stretch Suit (20)

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We have what you are looking for+150 fabrics & thousands of design options

4.5/5 stars & 8000 reviewsCustom made clothing since 2008. More than 350.000 happy customers

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Over 350,000 satisfied customers

Navy Blue stretch Suit (21)

"My new personalized shirt is great"

Johnny Z - United States


Navy Blue stretch Suit (22) Navy Blue stretch Suit (23) Navy Blue stretch Suit (24) Navy Blue stretch Suit (25) Navy Blue stretch Suit (26)

Navy Blue stretch Suit (27)

"All smart casual"

Matt - Germany


Navy Blue stretch Suit (28) Navy Blue stretch Suit (29) Navy Blue stretch Suit (30) Navy Blue stretch Suit (31) Navy Blue stretch Suit (32)

Navy Blue stretch Suit (33)

"Details make the difference"

Luigi - Italy


Navy Blue stretch Suit (34) Navy Blue stretch Suit (35) Navy Blue stretch Suit (36) Navy Blue stretch Suit (37) Navy Blue stretch Suit (38)

Navy Blue stretch Suit (39)

"My favourite casual fit"

Benn - United Kingdom


Navy Blue stretch Suit (40) Navy Blue stretch Suit (41) Navy Blue stretch Suit (42) Navy Blue stretch Suit (43) Navy Blue stretch Suit (44)

Navy Blue stretch Suit (45)

"It surely garnered compliments"

Lourens - United States


Navy Blue stretch Suit (46) Navy Blue stretch Suit (47) Navy Blue stretch Suit (48) Navy Blue stretch Suit (49) Navy Blue stretch Suit (50)

Navy Blue stretch Suit (51)

"A camel overcoat always makes everything look better"

Nicholas - Germany


Navy Blue stretch Suit (52) Navy Blue stretch Suit (53) Navy Blue stretch Suit (54) Navy Blue stretch Suit (55) Navy Blue stretch Suit (56)

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Navy Blue stretch Suit (57)

About Hockerty

Founded in 2008, Hockerty is the e-commerce leader in tailored suits and tailored shirts, as we offer our customers complete freedom to design their own clothes by choosing from a wide range of styles and fabrics.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

About Hockerty

As an expert in tailored clothing and fabrics, I have a deep understanding of the concepts and materials used in the Hockerty article. My expertise in fabric types, garment construction, and tailoring processes allows me to provide comprehensive information on the various elements mentioned in the article.

Easy Iron, Non-Iron, and Oeko-Tex

The article mentions "Easy care" and "Wrinkle free" shirts, indicating that these garments require less ironing and come out close to wrinkle-free from the washing machine. Additionally, the reference to "Oeko-Tex" certification assures that the components of the product are not harmful to health and the processes of elaboration are respectful to the environment [[1]].

Vitale Barberis and Woolmark

The article highlights the significance of Vitale Barberis Canonico, a fabric mill in northern Italy known for producing high-quality fabrics since 1663. Furthermore, it mentions the Woolmark logo, which is recognized in the textile industry for fabrics made from 100% pure new wool [[2]].

2-Ply and Extra Thick Fabrics

The concept of 2-ply fabrics is explained, emphasizing their higher durability compared to single-ply fabrics. Additionally, the article mentions "Extra thick" fabrics, suitable for extra comfort during colder winter days [[3]].

Tailored Suits and Fabric Details

The article provides insights into tailored suits, emphasizing the customizability of every detail and the option to personalize the design. It also mentions specific fabric details such as "Leedford," a technical fabric with a weight of 320 gr/m2, suitable for year-round use [[4]].

Perfect Fit Guarantee and Special Suit Features

Hockerty offers a "Perfect Fit Guarantee," ensuring that all garments are hand-made under strict quality control. The article also highlights special features of the suits, such as the "Notch Lapel," "2 Buttons," "Customised Lining," and "Double-welted pocket with button" [[5]].

Suit Collections and Hockerty's Reputation

The article showcases various suit collections offered by Hockerty, including Pure Wool, Wool Blends, and Pure Cotton Seersucker suits. It also emphasizes Hockerty's reputation as the e-commerce leader in tailored suits and shirts, with a focus on custom-made clothing and customer satisfaction [[6]].


With my in-depth knowledge of fabrics, tailoring, and garment construction, I can provide detailed insights into the concepts and materials mentioned in the Hockerty article. Whether it's understanding the properties of different fabrics or the significance of specific certifications, I can offer comprehensive information to enhance your understanding of tailored clothing and fabrics.

Navy Blue stretch Suit (2024)
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