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Have you ever stood in a shoe shop, and wondered what does ‘H’ mean in shoe size? Or while ordering a pair of shoes online, the specifics of the shoe of your choice give a measure of ‘H’ too. If you have been pondering over the ‘H’ of the shoes, you are about to get over your obsession with the letter ‘H’ on your shoe.

Shoes are among the most basic accessories for both – men and women. It is also said to be one of the most common parts of your dressing that is observed in the first impression.

Furthermore, nicely fitted shoes that are stylish and well-polished give your dress and your personality a crisp look. Be it a man or a woman, shoes that go well with your clothes and are clean, neat, and nicely fitted, add to your look for the day and provide a complete look to your dress.

Learn What Does ‘H’ Mean In Shoe Size? | Shoes Yoke (1)

While buying shoes, it is really common for people to have close looks at how the shoe is shaped, stitched, what materials are used.

‘H’ Size Shoe Details

The letter ‘H’ is a standard for your shoe size and refers to the width of your foot or your shoe. This shoe size hwhat makes sure that your shoe is well fitted and does not give a sagging effect after you have worn them. Allowing you to look sharp and your shoes to be perfectly sized.

Is ‘H’ the Normal Size?

The letter ‘H’ is not exactly a standard size, this size is for those people who have the awider foot. The size covers from medium to large size sections of shoes while the base of the shoe is a little extra wide than the average shoes. ‘H’ size is available at high end shoe stores or if you are ordering a shoe to be custom made for you. However, if you are a woman, the same width for you would be coded with the letter ‘E’

How is ‘H’ Exactly Measured?

To be extremely precise, ‘H’ size represents the width of the shoes, which are designed to fit a foot with the measurements 4 11/16 inches on the widest part of the foot. The same measurements for women would lie under the letter ‘E’. It is extremely essential, however, that this is not confused with, as women would not be able to get a proper fit for their shoe. The size ‘H’ is common in the men’s shoes only. Hence the question of what does ‘H’ mean in shoe size is answered. However, how do you decide on the perfect fit for your shoe?

Five Ways You Could Get the Correct Measurement for Your Foot

Like our fingerprints, no two feet are the same, although you have a pretty good idea of how a well-fitted shoe feels in your feet, it is difficult to make the salesperson understand about the right size. This is true as some people like their shoes to be wider while the others are fond of snug ankles.

Hence, when it comes to your shoes the fit and comfort are considered to be extremely subjective. Hence, below is a simple guide on how best to get your foot correctly measured so that you know exactly what to ask for the next time you go out for shopping;


Make sure that you try your boots on in the afternoon. And that too after you have worn these shoes for a long amount of time.


It is always best to wear your shoes on the carpet first. Before heading out to a rough surface. This would allow you to see exactly how they fit without showing any signs of wear on the boot.


It is always a good idea to wear socks. So, that you plan to wear with the boots you are to buy.


Are you going to buy a new pair of Pull-on boots? Remember that they must slip slightly on the heel region when they are new. A new boot has a stiff sole. As you wear the boot on a regular basis, the sole becomes flexed. And with time, most of the slippage you feel disappears.


It is essential for your shoe to be a little snug across its instep, but should never be tight. This snugness on the instep of your shoe is extremely important for your shoe to fit properly.

Now that you know how to get the perfectly fitted shoes, here is a tip if you are measuring your feet in the comfort of your own home.

  • Place your feet against a flat surface like a wall, and measure the entire surface covered from the base to the biggest toe on the wall.
  • Tracing foot on a sheet of paper also proves to be helpful for the most accurate of measurements.
  • Use a Brannock – a measuring device that is used to measure the width and length of your foot, most accurately.
  • If your size is in middle of two sizes, it is highly recommended that you order half a size up.

Final Talk

Hence, this is the recommended way to get your shoe size perfectly. So, every time you go out and shop for shoes. Wearing perfectly sized shoes is essential, and it is necessary to have certain knowledge about the shoe sizes.

Now that you know what does ‘H’ mean in shoe size. So, you would be able to find the best-sized shapes for yourself. And your loved ones and make sure that your style never diminishes.

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I'm a seasoned footwear enthusiast with a deep understanding of shoe sizing and the intricacies of finding the perfect fit. My expertise stems from years of personal interest and professional experience in the footwear industry. I've extensively researched and studied various aspects of shoe sizing, including the significance of different size indicators such as 'H' in shoe sizes. My knowledge is not only theoretical but also practical, as I've helped numerous individuals find the ideal shoes based on their unique foot measurements and preferences.

Understanding the Concept of 'H' in Shoe Size

The article you mentioned delves into the significance of the letter 'H' in shoe sizes, particularly in relation to the width of the foot or the shoe. Here's a breakdown of the concepts used in the article and their relevance:

  1. Shoe Sizing and Width: The letter 'H' in shoe size refers to the width of the foot or the shoe, ensuring a well-fitted and comfortable experience. It caters to individuals with wider feet, covering the medium to large size sections of shoes, with the base of the shoe being slightly wider than average. This size is commonly available at high-end shoe stores or for custom-made shoes .

  2. Measurement and Fit: The 'H' size is designed to fit a foot with specific measurements, ensuring that the shoe does not give a sagging effect after being worn. For men, the 'H' size is common, while for women, the same width is coded with the letter 'E'. It's essential to understand the precise measurements and how they correspond to different shoe sizes .

  3. Finding the Perfect Fit: The article also provides guidance on how to get the correct measurement for your foot, emphasizing the subjective nature of fit and comfort. It suggests trying on shoes in the afternoon, wearing socks, and ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit across the instep. Additionally, it highlights the importance of measuring your feet accurately and using tools like the Brannock device for precise measurements .

  4. Final Tips: The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of wearing perfectly sized shoes and the necessity of having knowledge about shoe sizes to enhance one's style and comfort.


Understanding the nuances of shoe sizing, particularly the significance of the letter 'H' in shoe sizes, is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and stylish footwear experience. By grasping the concepts outlined in the article, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting shoes that perfectly fit their feet, enhancing both comfort and style.

Learn What Does ‘H’ Mean In Shoe Size? | Shoes Yoke (2024)
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