In the Driver’s Seat of the APEX Console Journey | Dell (2024)

It’s an exciting time to be working at Dell. With the launch of APEX, you can feel the momentum we’re building. Exciting new offers delivered as-a-Service create limitless opportunities to accelerate businesses forward, and our new APEX Console brings it all to life.

In many ways, the excitement we’re feeling parallels that of the IT decision maker. As the IT leader in your organization, you champion the largest multi-cloud initiatives. You and your teams move quickly so new applications can be launched and innovation can begin. And in the past year and a half, you helped your company navigate some of the most turbulent waters in recent memory. Talk about playing a key role within an organization! The convergence of our momentum with yours creates an unstoppable force. And we’re looking forward to partnering with you on this exhilarating IT journey.

It all starts with the Dell Technologies APEX Console. Think of it as your orchestration platform for cloud and infrastructure services while also being your operational dashboard to track usage and spend and monitor system health. What’s more, you can easily assign role-based access for your key stakeholders, add and manage your cloud sites, and set your notification preferences – all from the homepage.

I’ll walk you through a day in the life of using the Console while also pointing out the many features your key stakeholders will love. It’s all about streamlining your team’s IT processes while making it easy to configure and buy cloud and infrastructure services at the drop of a hat.

Let’s dive in.


What is it?

Within the Console catalogue, you’ll discover APEX Services, with the ability to learn more about each offer. Your as-a-Service journey starts here with a simple way to browse offer details and view all configuration options. After you’ve done your research, you are off to subscribing to services with just a few clicks.

What you’ll love about it.

All the information you need to make an informed purchase decision is housed in our APEX offer catalogue. Of course, our APEX experts are here to help if you need it. But there’s something nice about being able to explore offers and in-depth tech specs for cloud and infrastructure services before ever having to place an order.


What is it?

Subscribing to offers has never been easier. Take APEX Data Storage Services for example. Within the Console, you can choose either block or file services, select the performance tier that best supports your use case, and confirm you meet site requirements. Even better, get up and running quickly with a 14-day time-to-value objective.¹

That’s just one offer example within the Console. Easily subscribe to APEX Cloud Servicesjust as fast. After your order is placed, the APEX Console turns into your operational dashboard to track and manage subscriptions, increase capacity, and view usage and spend.

What you’ll love about it.

The IT line of business can choose the solution that best fits their needs, all as-a-Service. That includes straightforward pricing, clearly defined service features, and a thorough site survey to ensure that delivery of your equipment goes off without a hitch.


What is it?

Once you’ve subscribed to offers, we handle the initial setup and deployment of hardware to your datacenter or a colocation. This allows you to get up and running quickly, provisioning your resources and deploying workloads with ease. For example, after equipment install, you can setup storage volumes and policies that map to your workload requirements.

What you’ll love about it.

The APEX Console makes the process of deploying hardware to your chosen location seamless. That way, your IT operations team will have visibility into the entire infrastructure setup process and can enable their developers to begin installing apps and innovating faster.


What is it?

Maintain crystal clarity into the health of your services and track performance metrics easily. This is one of the key features of the APEX Console, ensuring your business runs smoothly at every turn with robust reporting and analytics tools. For example, whether you’re a retailer who needs to closely monitor capacity during holiday season spikes or a financial institution that continues to add virtual desktops for your remote employees – the Console gives you the visibility needed to scale your cloud and infrastructure services up or down based on your use cases.

What you’ll love about it.

Business continuity is essential, and for this reason, IT operations will go crazy over our monitoring tools. One centralized dashboard provides all the information needed to make proactive business decisions. For example, historical patterns in capacity usage triggers notifications such as, “Cluster XYZ is predicted to run out of capacity within a quarter,” allowing operations to plan accordingly. It’s all about providing transparency to make faster decisions, and APEX Console monitoring tools deliver on that promise.


What is it?

Under the billing and payments menu, you’ll find all your current and past invoices along with payment status. The administrator and finance manager within your APEX Console account has complete control and transparency over invoice approvals. This gives your stakeholders the autonomy to place orders while also implementing a streamlined review process.

What you’ll love about it.

Your finance team will appreciate the transparency and real-time feedback for cloud and infrastructure expenses. This not only allows them to better align IT costs to overall business spend, but it also enables better predictability and capacity planning in the future.


What is it?

Expanding your workloads and use cases has never been easier with the APEX Console. With our ‘add capacity’ feature, users can add more capacity or instances to any current subscription. For example, if your innovation lab wants to spin up an exciting new AI application that needs more compute and storage capacity, the APEX Console allows you to configure and expand your services as fast as possible.

What you’ll love about it.

It’s all about your specific customer journey and growing at the speed of your business. IT and other key stakeholders within the organization will appreciate the flexibility of growing resources when they need them – all running on the reliable, industry-proven Dell infrastructure you’ve come to love.

The APEX Console is giving people a lot to talk about. As you can see by our Console walk through, it’s the perfect time to partner with Dell for your cloud and infrastructure journey. We can’t wait to share key APEX Console enhancements that will continue to roll out over the coming quarters. Stay tuned.

Learn more about the APEX Console here.

¹ TTV measured between order acceptance and activation. Subject to customer credit approval and site qualification, which must be completed before order placement, and customer participation in pre-deployment planning. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. US only

In the Driver’s Seat of the APEX Console Journey | Dell (2024)
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