How To Track A Package Shipped From China And How Long Does It Take? (2024)

How to Track Packages Shipped From China?

Everything is being purchased online these days. You can order something from Amazon and have it almost the same day. The options for receiving anything from clothing to food are almost unlimited, but when you are shipping between countries (cross-border eCommerce) there are different rules and longer wait times.

What is eCommerce? eCommerce is a generic word for all online shops and marketplaces like AliExpress. In the last 10 years, eCommerce has changed customer habits and will continue to grow, eCommerce gives you the choice to buy or sell products or services online. Most of these orders will be delivered to a location of your choosing, and cross-border eCommerce is giving to the customer the opportunity to find products that are not available in their country and give the opportunity to the seller to grow its business worldwide

What are eCommerce Delivery Options?

The options for shipping any product depend on where you are located and how much you want to spend to get the item at a quicker rate. FedEx Express can generally get you your package in 1 to 3 days, but when the package is coming from China you will need to look at additional options.

What eCommerce Options are available for international packages?

China Post is a good option to take if it is available for the item you purchased. They offer many different ways to ship your package and you can get it faster if you pay for it though generally like for EMS China, it takes around 2 weeks to receive a package shipped by China Air to anywhere in the world with some exceptions. If this is too expensive to do, you can ship using a slower method. This usually means it goes by sea transport. This is more cost-effective, but it is also slow and your package can take up to a month or more to arrive.

What kind of Shipping Speed is Available?

  • Registered: This is a type of shipping offered by several countries that provide you proof of shipping as well as a means to track the package along the way.
  • Unregistered: This option is one taken to save a bit of money. It is an option given to the buyer to not receive the extra tracking information for reduced shipping costs. It may also be done by a buyer automatically.
  • Priority: This option is generally the fastest way to get your package, second only to FedEx Express and it generally takes 1 to 3 business days depending on where the item is coming from. Though with international shipping it can take upwards of a week.
  • Express: This is the fastest and most expensive way to get your package. It can also almost guarantee your package within 2 business days, except during the holidays when more packages are being shipped.

How do you track a package?

There are a number of different websites available to track packages that are being shipped from China. You will need to start by locating the 10 to 22-digit number you receive when your package gets shipped. It should be listed on the confirmation of shipping email or on the profile you used to purchase the item. You can take that tracking number and paste it using the following services:

  • Track your package from China with Ship24

With Ship24 you can use to track your package no matter where it is coming from. They make it easy to search using your tracking number and have a detailed structure showing how your package is travelling. All you need is your tracking number, this one will be saved automatically so you can follow it every day, no account is needed! As a seller, if your package has been delivered your tracking information should be updated online to reflect where it was delivered and when. If it is a registered package it might also require a signature which means the name of the person signing for it will be listed as well.

  • China Post: This website is the website for China Post. If your package is shipping by China Post, you should track it using Ship24.
  • 17track: Another option that provides the same type of service. It also specializes in tracking items from China Post.

Where is my Amazon Order from China?

Every Amazon order has its own tracking number. It is simple to follow the status of your package from ( and follow the provided link through your purchase. All you need to do is go to your orders and select the Track Package next to your order link. If your tracking number does not give you the information you want, you can take that number to Ship24 or any of the websites listed above to get more information about the location of your package. Shipping and receiving a package is simple when you have a tracking number. You are able to follow the progress as it makes its way to your door or figures out what went wrong when it doesn't. As Ship24 is not a courier, for any issues regarding your Amazon order delivery, please contact directly the Amazon seller to ask for more detail.

Tracking parcels from China is a modern convenience of this digital age that ensures that our international deliveries always get where they are going.

How To Track A Package Shipped From China And How Long Does It Take? (2024)
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