How to Contact UPS & Get Help with a Package (2024)

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Quick and easy options to get in touch with an actual person at UPS

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If you’ve lost a package or have some other general issue regarding a shipment, you may need to contact UPS. The main phone number for UPS customer service is 1-800-742-5877. However, there are a few different ways of reaching out to UPS, depending on what type of issue you have. Fortunately, these different methods are all pretty straightforward!

Method 1

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Getting in Touch with Customer Service

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  1. 1

    Call the UPS customer service phone number. Calling this number will bring you to an automated system that will help you talk to an agent about your specific problem. The number for UPS customer service is 1-800-742-5877.[1]

    • Note that the service hours for this number are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST. The best time to call to speak to an agent as soon as possible is 8:30 a.m.
    • If your issue refers to shipping internationally, the number you should dial is 1-866-782-7892.
    • UPS also offers a customer service hotline for the hard of hearing. That number is 1-800-833-0056.
  2. 2

    Respond to the prompt asking you what your call is about. You will be given a list of common topics to choose from. This list includes “Track a package,” “Send a package,” and “Shipping information or order supply.” Once you say which topic you’re calling about, your call will be transferred to the relevant customer service department.[2]

    • These menu options are not numbered, so you’ll have to verbally select your topic rather than punching a number into your phone.


  3. 3

    Say “agent” into the phone after you’ve stated your reason. This will directly put you in touch with a human agent in the department you’ve been transferred to. You can also state “Customer service” or press 0 to be put in touch with an agent.[3]

    • However, if you press 0 or say “agent” before you’ve stated the reason for your call, you won’t immediately be put in touch with an agent in the relevant department.
  4. 4

    Send an email to customer service if you don’t want to call them. An email won’t be responded to as quickly as a phone call, but it also doesn’t require navigating an automated system on the phone. To email UPS customer service, visit the “Email Us” page on the UPS website. The URL for this page is: You can select one of the following categories to describe the nature of your email:

    • Tracking
    • Receiving a Package
    • Sending a Package
    • Billing
    • Technical Support
    • General
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Method 2

Method 2 of 2:

Getting Help with a Package

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  1. 1

    Go to the UPS website to track the whereabouts of your package. If you need to get in touch with UPS because you haven’t received your package, the first step is to find out where your package actually is. Go to the UPS Home page, navigate over to the Tracking page, then input the Tracking Number for your package.[4]

    • The URL for the UPS website is:
    • The Tracking Number is the series of numbers, beginning with “1Z,” that was assigned to your package when it was first put into the UPS system.
  2. 2

    Check for a local access point if you haven’t received your package. Sometimes UPS will send your package to a separate receiving facility, called an Access Point, instead of directly to your home. If this is the case, the phrase “Delivered to UPS Access Point” will appear in your package’s tracking updates.[5]

    • If you haven’t received your package but the system shows it was delivered, check locations surrounding your home where the package may have been hidden by the driver to prevent theft. These may include a back patio or a nearby planter.
  3. 3

    Call the Access Point to schedule a redelivery or pick up your package. The hours, location, and directions to the Access Point will all be listed on the UPS website. Note that if you opt to have the package redelivered to your home, it may take up to 2 business days to arrive.[6]

    • The time it takes to redeliver your package will vary based on the condition that the package was in when it arrived at the Access Point.
  4. 4

    Ask the UPS Virtual Assistant for help with other questions. Most issues involving package delivery have surprisingly simple answers and resolutions. The UPS Virtual Assistant, accessible through the Contact UPS webpage, can answer almost any other questions you may have. If it can’t, it will redirect you to speak with a customer service representative.[7]

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