Everything You Need to Know About UPS Fax Services | iFax (2024)

Many businesses and institutions still use faxing for its unique benefits. Unlike email and other forms of document sharing, faxing can be far more secure because of its nature.

Unfortunately, while faxing services are still widely used, you might not have a fax machine of your own to send faxes. This might have you asking yourself, “can I find a UPSfax near me?”

After all, finding a UPS store near you might not be too difficult, and they can be found almost everywhere. In this article, you’ll find out where can you fax at a UPS store, UPS fax cost, and other helpful information for sending and receiving faxes.

Table of Contents

  • Does UPS Have Fax Machines?
  • Can You Fax at a UPS Store?
  • How to Send Fax at the UPS Store
  • How Much Does it Cost to Fax at UPS?
  • Is Sending a Fax at the UPS Store Safe?
  • What Do I Need to Bring to Send A Fax at the UPS Store?
  • Need to Fax? Go to the Nearest UPS Store Today!
  • Final Thoughts

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Does UPS Have Fax Machines?

UPS stores have fax machines that their customers can use, which is a less common service that most UPS stores offer compared to some of their other services like package shipping and printing.

The store associates are trained to help customers who need to use the fax machine to send or receive documents. There is usually a fee for using the machine, which is based on how many pages are being sent or received.

The first page is typically more expensive than subsequent pages. In some cases, the UPS store may also be able to send or receive international faxes for customers.

Again, there would be an additional fee for the UPS fax service. Customers can ask a store associate for more information about using the fax machine at their local UPS Store.

Can You Fax at a UPS Store?

Faxing is a popular way to send documents, but can you fax at UPS stores? The short answer is yes – the UPS stores offer faxing services.

You can send or receive faxes at any UPS location for a small fee. In addition, the UPS store can also scan and email documents or even print them out for you.

So if you need to fax something in a pinch, the UPS store is a great option. Just be sure to check the prices before you send your UPS fax, as they can vary depending on the destination.

How to Send Fax at the UPS Store

To send a fax via the UPS store, the first step is to go to your nearest UPS store. From there, ask for assistance from the staff and tell them that you need to use their UPS faxing service. They can let you do everything independently if you’re already familiar with using a fax machine.

But if you need assistance, don’t worry. The staff at the UPS store are always happy to help you with your faxing needs. They will ensure the fax you need to send will go to its destination, and the fax you need to receive will get to you.

Just make sure you bring all the documents you need for faxing with you.

How Much Does it Cost to Fax at UPS?

Now that you know you can rely on the UPS store for your faxing needs, the next question would be how much does it cost to fax at UPS store? The price would depend on the type of UPS fax you will send.

Here are the latest UPS fax service rates:

  • For a single document, each page would be $1.00. (national)
  • For extra documents per page, the price is $1.00. (national)
  • For international, the price per page is $3.00 and for every additional page is $3.00.

The UPS store locations are open from 7 am to 10 pm, Mondays through Fridays, but other branches may have different operating hours, so it’s better to call the nearest store before visiting. Remember the next time you need to send or receive urgent fax.

Is Sending a Fax at the UPS Store Safe?

Yes. Definitely. When you fax at UPS store, you can be sure that your documents are safe and won’t be accessed by just any people. Only the person you sent the fax to can receive the fax and no one else.

Industries typically still fax handle sensitive documents, such as the medical, finance, and legal industries. This is because faxing gives them a more secure way of sending documents.

Unlike emailing, faxing is less prone to hacking. With faxing, the only person who can access the documents is the person who sent the fax and the person who received it, which is why it is still widely used.

What Do I Need to Bring to Use UPS Fax Service?

If you need to send a fax at the UPS store, all you have to bring are the documents you need to fax and the payment for the faxing service. Those are all you need to send a fax at the UPS store.

This is perhaps why it’s not all too bad not to have a fax machine. Because although you can’t fax from home, you still have a convenient alternative for faxing. Unless you send out a lot of faxes each time, only then can having your own fax machine be a more cost-efficient way of faxing.

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Need to Fax? Go to the Nearest UPS Store Today!

While faxing isn’t practice as common as it used to be, it’s still widely used. Especially if what you need to handle are medical or legal documents, faxing will be your go-to option for sending or receiving them as they are highly-sensitive documents.

Faxing is safe. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a fax machine, you may not be able to fax. However, the UPS store has your back, and you can count on them for fax machine usage at an affordable rate.

Not having a fax machine will no longer limit you from being able to send or receive faxes. The next time you need to fax, go to a UPS store near you, and they have a reliable and safe faxing service you can use to send and receive faxes.

Go to your nearest UPS store today to avail their fax machines.

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Final Thoughts

Your nearest UPS Store may not have a fax service, but plenty of stores still do! Therefore, searching for other stores with fax services would be best.

Another good option would be to try online fax services. You can fax without going to the nearest UPS or Staples by choosing to use an online fax service. Just send or receive fax via the internet using your computer or mobile fax application or avail a pay-per-fax service for a low fee.

Everything You Need to Know About UPS Fax Services | iFax (2024)


How much does UPS charge to send a fax? ›

The best faxing alternative to UPS fax
How much does it cost to send a fax at UPS?First PageAdditional Pages
Cost to send a fax locally from UPSUSD $1USD $1
Cost to send a fax long-distance from UPSUSD $2USD $1
Cost to send a fax internationally from UPSUSD $3USD $3
Cost to send a fax anywhere with FaxarooUSD $2USD $1.50

How secure is faxing from UPS? ›

Faxing with UPS is safe because the company banks on making sure you get the best experience. However, many people use the machine at a UPS store, so you cannot ultimately guarantee the safety of your sensitive data. That's why it's safer to use digital services.

What must never be sent by fax? ›

Unless necessary, you should never send your private information by fax. You must confirm that the number corresponds with the company requesting your sensitive details before faxing them. In general, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or tax documents should be handled with great care.

What information do you need to fax something? ›

Things You'll Need
  1. Cover Letter.
  2. Papers to be faxed.
  3. Recipient's fax number.
  4. Fax machine or computer.

What is the cheapest way to fax? ›

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, libraries can be a go-to place for faxing services. Many libraries offer faxing facilities at lower costs, making it an excellent choice for occasional fax users.

How can I send a fax without a monthly fee? ›

eFax enables you to receive or send free fax online using your computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection, and you can fax any file or document for free through email, online or using the eFax mobile app.

What are the disadvantages of faxing over email? ›

Cons of email to fax
  • Less secure – In most cases, mail to fax services don't use phone lines. ...
  • Paid subscriptions – Most virtual faxing services have paid plans, and you must pay $10 a month (or more) to send your faxes online. ...
  • Internet access – Traditional fax machines work even when the network is down.
Dec 17, 2023

What is the safest way to fax? ›

Online fax services offer a safe and convenient way to send personal information and sensitive documents. When you send a fax through an online platform like eFax, your document is encrypted in transit to protect any sensitive information that it might contain.

Can I fax from my phone? ›

Mobile faxing allows you to send and receive faxes using your smartphone or tablet. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most popular method is to use an online fax service like iFax. iFax has a free mobile fax app for Android and iOS.

What happens if I send an email to a fax number? ›

Create a subject line and the email body. Attach any documents. Send the email – the fax service converts the email information to a fax and calls the fax number. Receive the confirmation – the fax service will send an email confirming whether the fax was successfully transmitted.

Is fax safer than email? ›

Emails can very easily become intercepted and, as a result, important data can be read and downloaded by third parties. In addition to that, email data can be stolen. On the other hand, faxes use Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which is much more secure.

Is faxing a HIPAA violation? ›

Not only is faxing a familiar technology, but it is also a HIPAA-approved method of document transmission.

Do you need to dial 9 when faxing? ›

You will need to dial 9 first to get an outside line and 1 to start the long distance number. After dialing the area code and phone number, a voice will prompt you for the Account Code followed by the pound "#" key. To use a Budget Number for a long distance fax, put 9+1+area code+number into the fax machine.

Do you fax face up or down? ›

If you insert the document you want to fax upside down, it doesn't matter as long as the document is inserted printed side toward the machine. The fax recipient will still receive the fax even if the document is upside down.

Can I fax from my iPhone? ›

It is enough to choose an online fax number and decide on the document you wish to fax. Using the secure and reliable online fax service Fax App, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful fax machine and send your fax anytime, anywhere.

Where can I send a fax for free? ›

Many online fax services offer free faxing, but you have to be mindful of the limitations. FaxZero, for example, offers free Internet faxing but with a limit of up to three faxes per day. Another alternative is GotFreeFax. While it's fitting for sending local faxes, offshore and international faxing isn't supported.

How can I send a fax without a machine for free? ›

To send a fax without a fax machine:
  1. Sign up for a free account on Fax. Plus.
  2. Go to the Send Fax section and enter the recipient's fax number.
  3. Click on the Add File to attach the documents you wish to fax.
  4. Send your fax right away and wait for the confirmation report.

Is faxing free at FedEx? ›

How much does it cost to send a fax via FedEx fax? FedEx's fax pricing starts at $1.89 to send a fax to a local fax number and increases in price if you want to send a fax to a long-distance fax number or send a fax internationally.

How can I send and receive a fax for free? ›

With FaxBurner's online fax service, you can receive and send faxes online entirely for free.

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