5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (2024)

Best Slippers for Heel Pain for Ladies in India | Best Orthopedic Slippers

Are you going through ankle pain?

Well, that pain could be the result of obesity, overuse, and worn-out footwear as these loosen the hind joint of the foot. A normal foot functions perfectly.

However, if a person has plantar fasciitis, the plantar fascia is the muscle that affects the most, it connects the heel bone to the ball area by forming the main arch.

So, the loose foot moves too freely which results in small tears and pain. These tears are tough to heal and can become inflamed.

To cure this or lessen the pain of your foot, you can put some ice under the arch of the foot for 20 minutes twice a day.

But here comes a much more serious issue that is when heel spur builds the calcium on the heel bone might grow into a point formation.

For instance, the heel bone could poke into your fat pad, which causes unbearable pain.

To cure it, you can do some stretching, icing, and reach prescribed orthodontics.

Apart from this, you can also use ortho slippers which would be of great help due to how it is made.

My Mother’s Real Life Experience

Here, I’ll share the personal experience of my mother. She is also facing the same problem.

After a lot of research on YouTube and many other websites, I found the slippers, shoes made specifically for ankle pain or plantar fasciitis.

Vionic Ortho Slippers are the best ortho slippers based on features like having a durable rubber outsole, is biomechanically designed, and more.

Hence, lessen the ankle stress, feet, and knees.

5 Best Ortho Slippers for Women in India Reviews!

PreviewOrtho SlippersRating
5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (1)1. Vionic Women Islander with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support
– Best Overall & Provides Relief
5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (2)2. Dr. Scholl Rampage Women’s Pu Crossbody (Rose Gold, One Size)
– Best Insole for Ankle Pain
5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (3)3. Ortho + Rest Women’s Fashion Slippers4.1/5
5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (4)4. 3.8/5
5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (5)5. DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Women’s Ortho Slippers3.9/5

1. Vionic Women Islander Toe Post Sandals-with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Footbed

– Best Overall & Provides Relief (No Brand Promotion, Sharing My Mother’s Personal Experience)

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (6)

Vionic Women/Men’s slippers are designed for those who are suffering from ankle pain or plantar fasciitis

Even my mother (weight 98 Kg) was unable to walk and put her feet on the ground in the morning when she wakes up. That pain is disastrous for women who are going through obesity or who are pregnant ladies.

But this can happen to a 20-year-old person also, at any year or age of life.

I’m sure that most of you are not aware of this slipper and the cause of ankle pain. After a lot of research, I come across this slipper. Now she feels better than before. And now she can walk at least.

Check their website first to understand it better.

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (7)

Ortho slippers are high in the mid arch. The only con of this slipper that I faced in India is the availability.

From my research, I did not get any website from where I can order this. Even on Amazon, you will not get a lot of designs and sizes at the time of writing this article. They are located in America and do not deliver the product to India.


  • The best option for people suffering from ankle pain or plantar fasciitis
  • Sole is really good and comfortable
  • It is lightweight
  • Gives real relief from ankle pain and heel pain
  • You have to wear it for a week or two. Only after that, you will feel comfortable.
  • It is not a magic slipper-like wear it and forget about the pain. It just saves your heel bone from hitting directly to the ball area. Thus, provides relief.


  • As I said, it is not easily available in India
  • Even from Amazon, you have to be careful. I ordered two, and one of them was a duplicate product and the sole was very tight, so please check this thoroughly.
  • The price is really high but it is truly worth the money because after using it, you will thank me for sure!

Check Price On Amazon

2. Dr. Scholl Rampage WoMen’s Pu Crossbody (Rose Gold, One Size)

– Best Insole for Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (8)

Unlike Vionic women slippers, Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics is designed for women who feel pain while wearing heels. It is clinically proven to provide relief and to prevent Plantar Fasciitis pain, all day long with its shock guard technology.

So, if you are office-going woman, and have to follow a strict dress code, then you don’t have to worry about it. Because Dr. Scholl Rampage is here to help you.

On a serious note, it has arch support which stabilizes the plantar fascia and averts its stretching. Hence, no further injury. With that, its contoured heel cups effectively cradle and protect your heels.

Moreover, it is not only perfect for your heels, but you can also place it under your casual shoes, sneaker, work boots, or shoes. In short, Dr. Scholl is gonna help you everywhere you go.

It is an insole!

I believe these would be comfortable slippers for pregnancy as you can wear these anywhere you go.

What do you think?


  • Full length cushioning dissipate the pressure of the foot evenly which lessens the pain
  • Shock guard technology absorbs the pain-inducing shocks in the heels
  • Protect the delicate heel area
  • Prevent the further stretching of the plantar fascia as well as stabilize it
  • Perfect for shoes, heels, etc
  • Clinically proven to provide relieve and prevent pain due to plantar fasciitis all-day


  • Slips in the shoes, that enhance the discomfort
  • Though it is claimed that it relieves pain, customer claims the exact opposite
  • Tough to choose the right size

Check Price On Amazon

At last, I would say, Vionic Ortho Slippers is the best ortho slippers and are much effective as it relieves pain by lessening the stress on the feet. However, it is a bit expensive but the money value does count, does it?

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3. Ortho + Rest Women’s Fashion Slippers

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (9)

If you looking for ortho rest slippers for ladies, then here you got one. It is causal and is made by keeping the pain of the heel and foot in mind. Above all, it is perfect for Indian feet as it provides an additional but optimum thrust of cushioning.

So, say hello to comfort and painless walking.

The usefulness of the ortho rest slippers for ladies is not restricted to Plantar Fasciitis but it is also ideal for diabetic injuries due to closed, tight-fitting, and hard-soled shoes and perspiration are prevented. As it is open footwear like Vionic.


  • Ideal for diabetics injuries due to closed, tight-fitting, and hard-soled shoes, etc
  • Perfect for average Indian feet because it has an extra but optimum thrust of cushioning
  • Relief heel and foot pain
  • Non-slippery, hence, perfect for pregnant women and prevent arching of heels


  • Though it is claimed that it is not slippery, the customer claims the opposite
  • Does not provide support to the arch
  • The front portion is narrow
  • Not very effective for pain relief

Check Price On Amazon

I would say, if you are looking for an orthopedic footwear brand, then Vionic is one of the best orthopedic footwear brands. As it is perfectly designed for heel and ankle pain, unlike this slipper.

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4. Axign Orthotic Flip Flops | Orthocare Slippers for Women & Men

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (10)

Here comes, Axign ortho slippers which are comfortable, provide support to the plantar fascia, and have a heel shape cup for better control. Unlike other slippers here, it is perfect for both men and women.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you can live a pain-free life.

If I have to talk about some of its benefits then, first, it is made of extra soft material that prevents irritation. Second, as it is made of plantar 1st Ray (PF1R) technology that facilitates toe-off.

Third, its accommodative arch is ideal to provide support to the plantar fascia by ensuring optimal contact.

Further, it also provides better control as it has an anatomically shaped heel cup.

So, you are all ready to go out.

  • Has neoprene derma lining, hence, it won’t hurt you
  • Prevent irritation with its soft material
  • Facilitate toe-off, with its plantar 1st Ray (PF1R) technology
  • It is durable and lightweight, hence, its longer life
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-wear, hence, safe and comfortable for pregnancy
  • Provide relief to the Achilles tendon
  • Has washable EVA base
  • Perfect for bad posture, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis relief, knee pain, etc

Check Price On Amazon

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5. DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Women’s Ortho Slippers

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (11)

At last, comes DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT ortho rest slippers for ladies with punctured holes to ensure proper air circulation. Then, it is perfect for orthopedic diabetic pain relief.

The best part of having these slippers is that it is non-slip slippers that have lap-tested soles. So, the extra comfort allows you to wear it all day long without discomfort.


  • Non-slippery, hence, no fear of twisting ankle or falling
  • Comfortable with an extra soft insole that enables you to wear it all-day
  • You can wear it on wet tiles, floors, etc without fear of falling as it has a rubber grip
  • Lightweight and durable, therefore, longer life
  • Perfect for Diabetes, Plantar fasciitis, Ortho Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Ankle Pain, Knee Pain, etc
  • Made of skin-friendly material, hence, won’t harm your skin


  • Though, it is claimed that it is comfortable, however, customer claim opposite
  • Even after claiming that it is extra comfortable, customers ate claiming the opposite
  • These are cheap and will not give you a satisfactory result

Check Price On Amazon

At last, I would say, you should either go for Vionic and Axign ortho slippers.

After comparing the features of these two with others, I would say, these are the ideal orthopedic footwear brands as well these slippers are best as they provide adequate support, relief pain, etc.

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Benefits of Ortho Slippers

  • Provide you support and comfort, in case you have a flat foot or plantar fasciitis
  • Prevent the pain from getting worse
  • It is designed to lessen the rubbing of feet on both sides of shoes, therefore, it is perfect for people who have shoe-fitting problems
  • The longer you wear the ortho slippers or shoes, the greater benefits you would get
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance mobility by easing pain and discomfort
  • Fix alignment issues


So, I hope you have got the best ortho slipper for you.

Though according to me, if you are looking for slippers for home or parties, then you should go for Vionic, I’m telling from my mother’s experience.

However, if you are an office-going person, then go for Dr. Scholl Rampage.

To be noted, before using anything, I would advise you to get expert advice to understand your situation better.

As sometimes, we do not realize that problem is serious. And in that case, you might have to go through surgery.

So, better to have an expert opinion.

Let me know which among the 5 best ortho slippers in India would be your choice.

5 Best Slippers for Heel Pain/Ortho Slippers for Ladies in India Reviews! (February 21, 2024) (2024)
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