10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (2024)

Choosing the best hiking boots for boys means a blister-free, enjoyable kids’ hiking experience. We tested ten boys hiking shoes to find the best of the best.

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (1)

A day on the trails is one of the best ways to enjoy time as a family. Whether you’re strolling through the raw scenery of the national parks or enjoying long strolls through Garden of the Gods, having an excellent set of kids hiking boots can make the difference between outdoor fun and spending your time tending to blisters and sore toes.

I love researching gear for family travel and outdoor living. And with two boys of my own, I’ve spent a lot of time studying hiking shoes for boys to find the styles and brands that offered the best fit and the most comfort wrapped up in a style that kids will love.

Further down this list of the best boys hiking boots, we’ll share the criteria we look for when choosing the best hiking boots for boys. But, to save you time, we’ll start with our top picks.

If you’re new to family hiking, you can check out our tips for hiking with kids right here.

Our Choices For The Best Hiking Shoes For Boys

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Merrell Kids Trail ChaserSalomon XA Pro 3D Trail RunnersSalomon Speedcross Trail RunnerMerrell Moab Kids Hiking Shoe
10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (2)10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (3)10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (4)
Comes in two widthsVery flexible solesWorld-class gripClassic, affordable hiker
Lightweight meshLightweightLightweightLightweight and Breathable
Excellent airflowHigh durabilityEasy lacing systemAvailable in Gore-Tex
Bungee lacesEasy to cleanDurableOur Favorite Shoe Brand
Non-marking solesExcellent gripGood for long hikesGreat all-around shoe
10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (7)

What We Look For In The Best Boys Hiking Shoes

We consider quite a few things when we evaluate boys hiking boots. Because choosing the wrong ones can lead to uncomfortable feet, or worse, making a child fall out of love with hiking and the outdoors. The more enjoyable the hiking experience for kids, the more likely they will enjoy a lifetime of outdoor adventures!

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (10)


Comfort is the number 1 factor when choosing the best boys’ hiking shoes. Uncomfortable feet make for miserable hikers. And miserable children make for cranky adults. It’s a vicious cycle that we want to avoid.

We look for boys hiking boots that are flexible, light, comfortable, and offer support to keep them going on even the longest trails.


The second factor that we consider is all about the adults. As a parent, I know the struggle of keeping up with growing feet. The cost associated with hiking shoes can be high, so purchasing a pair that will last as long (or longer) as your child can wear is something we all want.

We look for shoes that will take everything that kids throw at them and still hold their seams. Durability and build quality will make for a shoe that might even be able to be passed on to a sibling.


Kids find themselves in the wildest places when hiking. Whether they’re climbing rocks or trees, or running along wet sidewalks, we want hiking shoes that have excellent traction. We look for shoes that will keep their grip under the toughest circ*mstances.


Lastly, the best hiking boots for boys need to have high-quality support that will keep feet, knees, and ankles in great shape for years to come.

We look for shoes with quality arch support, firm ankle support, and enough rigidity to keep your children hiking long enough to take their grandkids on the trails.

The Best Hiking Boots For Boys

Without further ado, here are our choices for the best boys hiking boots and all the details about why we chose them to make this list.

Merrell Kids Trail Chaser

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (11)

I have been a big fan of Merrell shoes for as long as I have been hiking with kids. Their combination of high-quality build and affordable prices have made them my favorite men’s hiking shoes AND Christina’s favorite women’s hiking shoes. It’s no surprise that they make the list of the best hiking boots for boys as well.

TheMerrell Kids Trail Chaser tops the list for the second year in a row. This shoe is unique in that it comes in two widths, narrow and wide. This means that no matter how your child’s feet are built, these boys hiking boots should fit the bill.

The Trail Chaser by Merrel offers excellent support and breathability. The lightweight mesh lets air flow through the shoes, while the synthetic fabrics help keep kids’ toes dry. My kids really enjoy the bungee laces with the single hook-and-loop strap. The pull-on tab makes getting the shoes on easy and saves wear on the thumbs.

The soles of the Merrell Kids Trail chaser are built of non-marking rubber and are grippy enough to provide traction when needed without leaving rubber streaks behind.

Salomon XA Pro V8 CLIMASALOMON Waterproof

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (13)

Salomon knows how to make amazing shoes. I’ve been a big fan of their runners for ages. Their 2023 mode of kids trail runner, theSalomon V8 Pro CLIMASALOMON Waterproof Trail Runnershas taken their popular line and greatly improved upon them. This model hits a home run in the boys hiking shoe department.

The flexibility of the soles lets kids’ feet really conform to the terrain, which is, honestly, one of the best ways for little feet to grow. They are also super durable. My kids rolled through some muddy hikes that would have sent other hiking shoes running. Because of their durable and waterproof design, the Salomons cleaned up and kept on hiking. The high-tensile material shows its quality over and over again.

The XA Pro 3D Trail Runners also features a unique easy lacing system that will make them a popular hiking shoe for small boys. The lacing system is built to last as well. There will be no yank and snap incidents with these at all.

The Salomon V8 Pro CLIMASALOMON Waterproof Trail Runners also have excellent traction. The All Terrain Contagrip design of the soles latches onto every bit of the ground, and these have among the best grip of any of the boys hiking boots on this list.

Salomon Speedcross

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (15)

New to the 2023 list of best boys hiking shoes is the Salomon Speedcross. These excellently-designed trail runners use Salomon’s unique lacing system for a secure and easy setup. Like the Pro V8 CLIMASALOMON, these shoes feature a mountain-goat-like grip that holds onto loose, soft, rugged, and uneven surfaces with ease. If you love hiking on slippery rocks like our favorite family hikes in Iceland, these are a great option.

Unlike the CLIMASALOMON, the Salomon Speedcross is not waterproof. If you’re hiking in wet conditions, I’d recommend choosing a different model. But if a lightweight, grippy shoe is what you need, these really can’t be beaten.

The design is excellent for the wide variety of activities that kids get up to on the trails. These boys’ hikers will leave your children’s feet in a good place at the end of the day, from hiking to running, climbing, and everything in between

Merrell Moab Kid’s Hiking Shoes.

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (17)

Merrell makes the list of the best boys hiking boots more than once. And this model, the Merrell Moab Kid’s Hiking Shoes, has held a consistent position on our list. In fact, the Moab hiking shoes by Merrell are the hiking shoes that I normally wear, AND my wife’s favorite hiking shoe as well!

TheMerrell Moab Kid’s Hiking Shoeshave sturdy laces, excellent arch and ankle support (even in their low-cut models), and real shoelaces. The shoelaces could be a struggle for younger kids, but they are well-built and not prone to breaking for those who can tie their own laces.

These hiking shoes are definitely designed for the trails. They lack the flexibility that makes other boys hiking shoes more versatile for running and jumping. But if you’re looking for dedicated boys hiking boots, these should make your list.

Columbia Kids Newton Ridge Boot

I’m a sucker for a classic hiking boot style. And if you’re kids look at pictures of hiking with the kind of thousand-yard-stare that I do, theColumbia Kids Newton Ridge Bootshould get them pretty excited. This boy’s hiking boot looks great, but it’s also an extremely high-quality hiking boot that will likely outlast your child’s foot size.

The Columbia boys hiking boot is lightweight and durable. And the mid-height design makes this excellent for ankle support. The Omni-Grip rubber soles offer phenomenal traction, and the seams are designed to be waterproof. This makes this one of the best boys hiking shoes for wet or muddy hikes.

This is my favorite waterproof hiking boot for boys. It will handle whatever the trail sends at you and keep on going.

It’s Time To Hit The Trails With These Boys Hiking Shoes

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (21)

Whether your hiking style includes adventurous trails like the Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, or short, scenic routes like the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, these boys’ hiking shoes will help you enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Enjoy your time on the trails. Please remember to leave no trace. And don’t hesitate to share your experiences in our Family Travel Support Group on Facebook.

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As an outdoor enthusiast and a parent of two boys, I have spent a significant amount of time researching hiking gear for family travel and outdoor adventures. I have personally tested and evaluated various hiking shoes for boys to find the best options that offer a combination of comfort, durability, grip, and support.

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Choosing the Best Hiking Boots for Boys

The article discusses the importance of choosing the best hiking boots for boys to ensure a blister-free and enjoyable hiking experience. It emphasizes the difference that high-quality hiking boots can make in terms of comfort and preventing blisters and sore toes.

Criteria for Choosing Hiking Boots for Boys

The article outlines the criteria used to evaluate the best boys hiking boots. These criteria include comfort, durability, grip, and support. It emphasizes the role of these factors in ensuring a positive hiking experience and encouraging a love for outdoor adventures.

Top Picks for Boys Hiking Shoes

The article provides a list of the top picks for boys hiking shoes, including the Merrell Kids Trail Chaser, Salomon XA Pro 3D Trail Runners, Salomon Speedcross, Merrell Moab Kids Hiking Shoe, and Columbia Kids Newton Ridge Boot. It highlights the key features and qualities of each shoe that make them suitable for boys' hiking needs.


Comfort is identified as the most important factor when choosing boys' hiking shoes. The article emphasizes the need for flexibility, lightness, and support in hiking boots to ensure comfortable feet and enjoyable hiking experiences. It mentions that uncomfortable feet can lead to crankiness and a dislike for hiking.


The article acknowledges the challenge of keeping up with growing feet and the associated costs of purchasing hiking shoes. It highlights the importance of selecting durable hiking boots that can withstand the wear and tear of kids' activities. The goal is to find shoes that can last as long as the child can wear them, or even be passed on to siblings.


The article emphasizes the need for boys' hiking shoes with excellent traction and grip. It discusses the importance of shoes that can provide reliable traction on various terrains, including climbing rocks, running on wet sidewalks, and navigating uneven surfaces.


The article highlights the significance of high-quality support in boys' hiking boots. It mentions the importance of arch support, firm ankle support, and overall rigidity to ensure the long-term health and well-being of feet, knees, and ankles. The goal is to find hiking boots that can support children's hiking activities for years to come.

Brand Recommendations

The article recommends specific brands for boys' hiking shoes, including Merrell and Salomon. It highlights the reputation of these brands for producing high-quality hiking shoes for both men and women. The article praises the build quality, affordability, and variety of options offered by these brands.


Choosing the best hiking boots for boys is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience. Factors such as comfort, durability, grip, and support should be considered when selecting hiking shoes. The article provides specific recommendations and highlights the key features of the top boys hiking shoes available in the market.

10 Best Boys Hiking Shoes in 2023: Kids Footwear That Fits Like A Dream (2024)
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